THOMASTON — Thomaston will hold a special town meeting Thursday, Jan. 27 at 6 p.m. in the Lura Libby room of the municipal building.

The Thomaston Select Board approved the warrant for this town meeting Jan. 10.

The warrant consists of four articles, including, the election of a moderator.

One article authorizes the town to grant a conservation easement to the George’s River Land Trust on 62 acres of land owned by the town.

According to the warrant article, the land is located in the Thomaston Town Forest between an existing parcel currently in conservation and the Oyster River.

Select Board Chair Diane Giese said this article would also authorize the select board to spend less than $8,000 from a special fund through Dragon Cement, known as the TIF. This fund does not come from taxpayer money, and spending the money would not affect resident taxes.

Giese said passing this article allows conservation restrictions to be removed from land abutting Route 1, Buttermilk Drive and Butler Road. Removing these restrictions will permit development on that parcel, which allows for more tax revenue.

Another article of the warrant approves amendments to the Village Cemetery Ordinance.

Cemetery Board of Trustees Chair Joanne Richards said the amendments to this ordinance were minor and would assist with the operations of the group.

One amendment allows changes to the trust without a town meeting, Richards said.

Another amendment changes the number of select board members required to attend trustee meetings. Currently all board members must attend. The proposed amendment allows the trustees to operate with one select board member and one alternate.

Article four of the warrant authorizes the town to transfer $26,427 from one Dragon Cement special fund to a different fund through the company. This article also authorizes the town to spend that money reimbursing funds spent on the Thomason Parks and Recreational Trails Masterplan.

Giese explained this money is also not from taxpayers, and will not affect resident taxes.

The board also discussed affordable workforce housing with Pollution Control Superintendent John Fancy.

Fancy requested authorization to consult with a lawyer on swapping town-owned land with land owned by George C. Hall and Sons.

Fancy said Hall had 20 to 30 acres of usable land which abutted property owned by the town currently.

The property in question is located off Clark Street in Thomaston.

Hall’s land has everything in place to expand and build affordable housing for workers, Fancy said, and enough room for possibly 40 or 50 units. There is already some infrastructure in place, he added.

Fancy said this would be an even swap of town land for land owned by Hall, and would not cost taxpayer money. Hall would use the new property to access the quarry.

The biggest challenge once the town procured the property would be building the housing, Fancy said.

There is no money to be made from building affordable housing, so Fancy said approaching a nonprofit would likely be the best direction to take the project.

The lawyer consultation is to ensure Hall is able to access the quarry legally, and to “get the ball rolling” on the project, Fancy said.

Giese asked if Hall would pay for the lawyer.

Fancy said it might be in the best interest of the town to select the lawyer.

Giese said she agreed affordable housing was one of the most important issues currently facing the community, but worried the board did not have enough information to bring this to voters.

Board member Zel Bowman-Laberge said she was against the town paying for the attorney. Giese also expressed reservations about this.

Fancy said funds from Pollution Control could be used to pay for the attorney fees. Bowman-Laberge pointed out this was still taxpayer money.

The board directed Fancy to investigate how much a lawyer would cost, and approach Hall about paying for all or part of the attorney costs.

Video of this meeting can be found at The next select board meeting is Monday, Jan. 24.