The Stewardship Education Alliance exceeded its goal of $5,000.00 in its Winter Capital Campaign, which means S.E.A. can again offer grants to schools in Appleton, Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, and Rockport. S.E.A. supports projects and programs teachers choose that further its mission of increasing community awareness of ways to be better stewards of our watersheds.

Grants in 2021 sponsored teachers to Herring Gut Learning Center for professional development; helped Hope Elementary School start a nature trail; students at Appleton Village School to study salmon; students at Sweetland School to observe amphibians at night and bought Grunden gear so students at PeoplePlace could play and learn outside in any weather. S.E.A. also hosts community events including Marine Science Day, Poetry on Windows, S.E.A. FAIR, Teacher Symposia, and others.


Grants for 2021 helped students at Hope Elementary School start building a nature trail.


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