WARREN — State Representative Bill Pluecker of House Disctict 95 (Appleton, Hope, Warren, part of Union) plans to hold his January office hours to meet with constituents on Saturday, Jan. 8 at 10 a.m. The meeting will once again be held at the Vose Library in Union.

Representative Pluecker, who serves on the Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry Committee and the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee will be happy to answer any and all questions from constituents, especially about issues he is working closely on, like: regulation/cleanup of PFAS or “forever chemicals”, oversight, safety, and conditions for employees and inmates in our correctional facilities, increasing agricultural marketing funding for hard-working Mainers, and more.

With the second session of the 130th Legislature getting started on Jan. 5, Representative Pluecker views these monthly meetings as more important than ever in keeping his finger on the pulse of what the voters, and people, of the 95th district are seeing, hearing, and feeling, and hopes to bring these perspectives with him to Augusta in 2022.

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