ROCKPORT — Maine Department of Transportation crews have been working at the Goose River Bridge in Rockport Village to determine what will be needed to repair it.

Town Manager Jon Duke said the state crew is doing exploratory work to determine conditions of the bridge below the surface. The next stage will be design.

Visible cracks on the bridge have brought it some attention and the state has had a plan on the books to repair it.

“MaineDOT inspects the bridge every two years,” Maine Department of Transportation Communications Director Paul Merrill said in April. “It is currently safe for all legal loads. The last inspection for this bridge was in October [2020].”

“The deck of the bridge is in poor condition. If the condition worsens, we will increase the frequency of our inspections to ensure the safety of the traveling public,” he added.

The bridge is included in the state’s three-year “Work Plan.”

“We plan to address its aging condition through either rehabilitation or replacement,” he said. “Preliminary design for this project will begin soon, starting with a survey of the existing conditions… Construction for this project will not occur for a few years.”