ROCKLAND — The Rockland City Council approved Monday night, Dec. 13 a list of projects to be paid for with a federal grant.

The Council voted unanimously for $756,737 in projects from the city’s American Rescue Plan Act grant. Storm water management projects account for the bulk of the spending.

Of the $756,737, the largest expenditure is $313,737 to be used on storm water mitigation work included in the city’s master plan. Another $220,000 would be spent to address a storm water problem that is eroding land on four residential properties on Acadia Drive in Pen Bay Acres.

The City Council also approved $67,000 for employee bonuses for working during the pandemic. City Manager Tom Luttrell said employees who work more than 40 hours a week such as firefighters/emergency medical services personnel will receive $1,000. The amount will be less for the rest of the employees depending on the amount of hours worked per week. All city workers who have been with the city for the entire 2021 will receive a one-time payment.

Another $38,000 will be used for enhanced online services for the public; $19,000 for a citizen alert service; $16,000 for washer/dryer equipment for the fire department; and $13,000 for equipment to improve the broadcast of hybrid meetings.