THOMASTON — The Thomaston Planning Board held a site walk at Atticus Hill Farms for a proposed marijuana cultivation facility Tuesday, Dec. 7.

Owners and operators Karl and Tracy Reinhold were on location, as well as Andrew Hedrich of Gartley & Dorsky Engineering.

Hedrich spoke to members of the board about the site plan on the field where the facility will be constructed.

Much of the plan still needs to be determined, Hedrich said. They are still determining where the driveway will be and how to minimize the wetland impact.

The facility will be 120 feet by 80 feet.

The Reinholds and Hedrich gave their initial presentation for the facility at the Nov. 16 Planning Board meeting.

The initial site plan was approved at that meeting. The next steps will be at the board’s Dec. 21 meeting.

The future site of the Atticus Hill Farm proposed marijuana cultivation facility in Thomaston. Photo by Christine Simmonds

The Atticus Hill Farms site plan for the proposed marijuana cultivation facility in Thomaston. Courtesy of Gartley & Dorsky

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