WALDOBORO — On Nov. 15, Midcoast Conservancy accepted a generous donation of the 51.7 acre Goose River Woodland Preserve in Waldoboro from Luther Black.

“This land was given to me for the purpose of conserving it,” Black said. “It’s been in my family since 1903, and it is my honor to have Midcoast Conservancy as a caretaker of it for future generations. I hope it serves as a beginning of more land protection along the Goose River in Waldoboro and Friendship, inspiring those nearby to protect their land from development.”

“We are grateful to be in care of this beautiful piece of land that hasn’t been harvested since the 1930’s, carrying out Mr. Black’s wishes for the property to remain wild woodland with no active forest management to conserve a forested buffer along this peaceful and wild stretch of the Goose River in perpetuity,” said Anna Fiedler, Midcoast Conservancy Land Protection Specialist.”

From left to right: Luther Black, Midcoast Conservancy Land Protection Specialist Anna Fiedler, and Executive Director Pete Nichols; Black gifted the Goose River Woodland Preserve in honor of his family. Photo courtesy of Midcoast Conservancy.

The Goose River Woodland Preserve will be open to the public for hunting and fishing. It expands critical conserved lands along the Goose River, and is located two miles south of Midcoast Conservancy’s Goose River Peace Corps and Mill Pond preserves along Finntown Road, where there are existing hiking trails. Goose River Woodland Preserve protects the water quality of the Goose River, supporting wildlife habitat, clean air, and flood control.

“This project is part of Midcoast Conservancy’s focus on increasing the pace of land conservation,” said Pete Nichols, Midcoast Conservancy Executive Director. “The time is now, while the opportunity to protect large habitat blocks remains. We aim to double the conserved land in Midcoast Conservancy’s service region by 2030, and the Goose River Woodland Preserve is a key part of that.”

Midcoast Conservancy is a vibrant regional land trust that works to protect vital lands and waters on a scale that matters and to inspire wonder and action on behalf of all species and the Earth. The organization works throughout the Sheepscot River, Medomak River, and Damariscotta Lake watersheds. Midcoast Conservancy manages over 13,000 acres in 55 preserves and 95 miles of trails, including Hidden Valley, a preserve with cabin and outdoor recreation equipment rentals and a low-impact forestry program. Community members can get involved in the organization’s work as volunteers with water quality monitoring, habitat restoration, fish passage projects, forestry and oyster farming or outdoor recreation and education. For more information, go to www.midcoastconservancy.org or call (207) 389-5150.

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