THOMASTON — From the desk of Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Volunteer Coordinator, Jacqueline Harjula. For my column this month, I’d like to introduce Felix, my new office assistant. Felix the cat is a fluffy three-year-old male orange tabby cat. He came to the shelter more than two months ago, and bears no resemblance to the terrified kitty he once was. When I first saw him, he was backed into the corner of his enclosure with his ears back, and his eyes wide with fear. He wanted no part of any human connection, except maybe to scratch or bite them.

However, that changed, but not after many visits to speak calmly and affectionately to him, and to give him treats. Maybe it’s my imagination, but blinking at him when I talked to him helped him to feel more comfortable with me. He even started blinking back. At first, Felix let me scratch his chin, but not to reach in to pet him. As I put the treats closer to the door of his enclosure, he would venture closer to me. Eventually, he would let me pet him on the head while he was distracted eating his treats. But, I still never dared to put my whole arm in to pet his whole back.


The next exciting success was when Felix stepped one paw out of the door. I was still not ready to take a chance on picking him up, but hoped that opportunity would come soon. After a few days, he ventured out with two paws, so now was my chance. I might still get bitten or clawed, but the risk was worth it. Felix settled into my arms with a beautiful purr; what a wonderful feeling for both of us.

Felix now lives in my office, but is so affectionate he wants to be pet all day. He thinks he should stretch out on my keyboard, which makes it difficult to type. He also has rearranged the top of my desk several times; he must think the paperwork looks better on the floor. He has certainly turned into a loving cat, and deserves a forever home. Won’t you come in to meet him?

Wish list: Pine bedding, Timothy Hay, garbage bags (13 and 33 gallon), fabric softener sheets, and pate style, poultry flavored, canned cat food. Thank you.

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