ROCKPORT — Dozens of community water supplies around the state will be competing for the title of Maine’s Best Tasting Water at the Samoset Resort, Thursday, Dec. 9 at 10:30 a.m.

The two categories that will be judged are water with a disinfectant, such as chlorine, and water without a disinfectant. There will be a final round pitting the two categories against each other with the winner awarded the honor of having Maine’s Best Tasting Water. The winner will represent the State of Maine in the National Taste Test in Washington DC in February 2022.

Taste Test judges include Amy Lachance, director, Maine Drinking Water Program; Rhiannon Hampson, district representative; Rep. Chellie Pingree and Elsa McGary, vice President, Machias Savings Bank.

The Brewer Water Department currently holds the 2020 bragging rights and title to Maine’s Best Tasting Water.