Dec. 4:  A Solar Eclipse (New Moon) takes place at 12:43 a.m. with the Sun, Moon, and Mercury conjunct in an awkward aspect with disruptive Uranus. Expect the unexpected for the next 6 months at least. It’s time to recognize that changes will occur whether you and I like it or not. It’s fine to stand up and express your thoughts. I say find a way to safely express your concerns without getting tossed in jail or shot at! What’s good? This aspect helps you break out of a creative slump. Galleries hold openings for revolutionary art during 2022.

Dec. 4 – 6: Mars is a reactionary planet. It’s in a positive aspect with Pluto until noon, Dec. 6. It’s not possible to hold back what needs to be said and heard. If you break the rules, the court system is still the way it always was. Which means that it can be bought off. Corrupt judges do exist. Know that. This is an excellent time to work at overcoming an addiction with support from those who know and understand from their own personal experience. They’re more effective than a therapist who only knows about addiction from reading in a book and taking some classes.

Dec. 5 – 7: Don’t space out if you can help it. Mercury is in a challenging (square) aspect with Neptune. Your memory is not working. This won’t last; don’t worry. Mars is in a challenging aspect with Jupiter known for overextending. Avoid a long to do list. Take care of yourself so you don’t become sick. There’s a great temptation to get distracted and run around doing way too much. Seek to relax; it’s more fun. Remember the Sun in Sagittarius loves to have fun.

Dec. 9 – 11 and again from Dec. 23 – 26: Venus is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn bringing up memories of past lovers. You may want to reach out and say “hello.”  There’s intensity attached to you and this person. Is there a need for making amends? If so, your creativity will soar once you are free from the past. Want to end the psychic attachment with this person? Do you wish to nurture an old resentment? It hurts you. That person has probably forgotten the incident that has been haunting you for years. There’s more. The Sun remains in a challenging aspect with Neptune. Mercury has moved on as of yesterday, they were conjunct. There’s still confusion until December 12. Relax and watch a movie or play video games. It fits with the astrological energy. Mercury is in a positive aspect with Jupiter. Here’s an astrological contradiction. This aspect increases intelligence. Because of the other aspects you’d better write down the clever ideas that come to you.

Dec. 13 –  Jan. 15, 2022: Saturn in Aquarius is in its third and final challenging aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Both Aquarius and Taurus are called fixed signs and always have to do with past belief systems. These beliefs must be dealt with at some time in life. There needs to be flexibility. There is a clashing of beliefs between “us and them” as to how life “should be.” Life and structures are changing; nothing can prevent that. Change is the only thing we can count on. Structures are crumbling. This is obvious. The legal system has screwed up many cases from the past by incarcerating innocent people. Thank goodness for DNA to determine the truth. This aspect between Saturn and Uranus was in effect from mid-Dec. 2020 until mid-Jan. 2021.