ROCKLAND — A state judge ruled Monday a woman is illegally operating a junkyard on her Old County Road property.

Judge Geoffrey Rushlau also ordered Lucy M. Curtis to clean up the property at 420 Old County Road within 30 days. If she fails to perform the work, the city can go on her property and do the work and then bill her for the expense. The city would be able to place a lien on the property to recoup the costs.

A hearing was held Monday, Nov. 29 in the Knox County court on the city’s land use complaint against Curtis. She did not appear, according to court records. The city presented evidence of its contention she was operating an illegal junkyard and automobile graveyard.

The city filed the complaint in court in December 2020.

The city attempted for years to have Curtis clean up the property to no avail. The city said it offered to assist in the clean up before deciding to file the court complaint.

Judge Rushlau ruled the property violates city ordinances, and was a nuisance as defined by state law.

Curtis has owned the property since 1978, and the city has notified her of violations since 2013, according to city records.