Rockport Public Library welcomes author Christopher Packard Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 6:30 p.m., for a talk about his new book, “Mythical Creatures of Maine.” Participants will learn how a biologist and science teacher came to write a book about mythical creatures as they survey the creatures of folklore that populate our state. From Wabanaki creatures to modern cryptids like Bigfoot and everything in between, including sailors, French Canadian settlers, lumberjacks, and guides, we’ll look at creatures known to the people who know the land best.

Packard will also discuss if and how these creatures really exist as well as the importance and meaning of cultural stories and how these beliefs and stories are related across cultures in Maine and around the world.

Packard is a high school science teacher at Bangor High School. He is also a trail runner, swordfighter, storyteller, and outdoor adventurer. Dan Kirchoff, editorial layout/webmaster at The Free Press, and illustrator for the Free Press and the Camden Herald, provided the illustrations for the book.

This is an in-person event being held in the lower level of the Rockport Public Library. Masks are required for everyone in the library.