APPLETON — Raymond Gushee has not let a health setback keep him from doing what he loves. It helps to have great friends and community support.

Gushee, 70, of Appleton, is well-known in his community. He has served as a coach, worked for the school, and spends his summers working as caretaker for a cemetery.

He is also well known for his hunting. During his 60-year career he has lost count of the number of deer in addition to turkeys and coyotes. He has taken four black bears. In some cases, he noted they were causing a nuisance for local blueberry growers by breaking up the beehives.

Keeping him busy are his 10 American Fox Hounds, which are trained to run down coyotes.

The avid hunter, Gushee has 10 trained hounds. Photo courtesy of Justin Gushee

Then he had a stroke that severely limited vision in his right eye – his shooting eye. His left eye was already not that great due to a prior injury. For some, that would have been the end of the hunt, but not for Gushee, or his friends.

They rallied around him and bought a brand new, left-handed Browning 7mm-08 rifle. With that and a new contact lens for his left eye, he was back in business.

On Tuesday, Nov. 16, at about 3:20 p.m., he shot a 10-point, 218-pound buck not far from his home in Appleton.

“I couldn’t be prouder!” his son, Justin said on Facebook. Another friend observed, “Can’t stop Mr. Raymond Gushee!”

A display of antlers from Raymond Gushee, who has been hunting for 60 years. Photo courtesy of Justin Gushee