The region has seen more precipitation than average each year, except one, since 2005.

A review of precipitation records from the Camden and Rockland division of Maine Water at Mirror Lake in West Rockport shows the climate is getting water. The records date back to 1913.

The average annual amount of rainfall and melted precipitation for Mirror Lake is 49.38 inches. Since 2005, that amount has been exceeded each year except 2017 when 47.91 inches were recorded.

Through Oct. 31, precipitation in 2021 has already exceeded the yearly average. Through the first 10 months, the region has received 50.56 inches. That was due in large part to 11.19 inches in October and 8.54 inches in September.

The most rainfall in a year, since 2013, was 2005 when 77.47 inches was recorded. The least was 29.53 inches in 1965.

For a single month, the most rain was recorded was 17.49 inches in October 2005. The least was none recorded in October 1924.

Climate scientists state that a warming climate increases the ability of the atmosphere to hold more moisture which has led to more frequent storms with heavy rain. Those storms lead to flooding. There was considerable damage to low-lying homes and roads from the Halloween storm this year. In Rockland alone, two dozen homes reported damages from a heavy rainstorm. Much of the damage was to furnaces and items stored in basements.