ROCKLAND — A scaled-back Habitat for Humanity housing development on Talbot Avenue comes before the Rockland Planning Board on Dec. 7.

Habitat was last before the Board on Aug. 3.

The application submitted Tuesday, Nov. 23 by Landmark Corporation Surveyors and Engineers on behalf of Mid-Coast Habitat for Humanity, reduces the number of residences from 18 to 13. Under the new proposal, there would be two duplexes, three single-family homes, and six small houses. The duplexes would be 850 to 1,200 square feet. The single-family homes would be up to 1,600 square feet and the small houses 500 to 600 square feet.

The project will be located on a section of a 10.6-acre lot at 165 Talbot Ave., which abuts Talbot Avenue and a small section of Traverse Street.

The Rockland City Council voted 4-1 at the June 14 meeting — Councilor Louise MacLellan-Ruf opposed — to approve a contract zone change to allow for the development to go before the Planning Board.

The project comes as the region is experiencing an acute shortage of affordable housing.

Neighbors have argued against the project, saying it would worsen flooding problems downstream along Lindsey Brook.

The application states “it was agreed during the preapplication meeting that although the project may be under the thresholds that require MDEP (Maine Department of Environmental) stormwater management standards, if the whole project met the general MDEP stormwater standards, then City of Rockland stormwater standards would also be met. Additionally, because of concern for the Lindsey Brook watershed, the small portion of the project that drains toward Lindsey Brook would also ensure management of postdeveloped peak flowrates to a level equal to or less than predeveloped peak flowrates for the 2, 10, and 25year storm events. The project has met and exceeded this standard.”

Utilities would be underground. The proposed deed covenants would prohibit animals other than pets. Sprinklers would be included in each residence.

Due to the small size of the project, a traffic study is not warranted, the application states. Talbot Avenue has an average of 675 vehicles traveling on it each day.