November 24 – December 13 Mercury is now in Sagittarius. You’re feeling free to speak your thoughts. There has been so much censorship lately. It’s a huge relief to share your thoughts about our shared reality. This placement of Mercury can be brutally honest, direct and to the point and often with clever humor, fortunately. You might notice you’re traveling while in the dream state. Having flying dreams? We all love that.

November 26 – 28 The Sun is conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius. Metaphysical studies are your focused priority, or travel plans and fantasizing. Forget about work. Relax and let your Soul guide you into other dimensions. What comes to mind is a book I read long ago, humorously titled, “Lazy Mans Guide to Enlightenment,” by Thaddeus Golas. Easily found on amazon or other places if you prefer online:

November 27 – 29 Mars in Scorpio is in a superfine aspect with Neptune. Healing takes place. It’s a perfect time to give or receive a massage, a reflexology session, Shaman journey, or another kind of spiritual healing modality. Prayer is most effective during this particular aspect. You might want to buy a gift certificate for someone you care about for a healing session. If your cat or dog (or other beloved pet) needs prayerful healing with the intention on healing… this is when they could easily receive it. Why not give it a try?

November 28 – 30 The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Sagittarius and are in a positive aspect with Saturn in Aquarius. Here’s an ideal time when you ought to plan a creative, unique, civilized protest to make your group’s stance known worldwide. In fact you would be joining with worldwide peaceful effective marches with a humanitarian focus. The Aquarian vision is clear. Expert organizational skills come from Saturn’s domain. Also at this time Venus in Capricorn is nicely aspecting Neptune in Pisces. Your highest ideals for humanity are magnified by your connection with others who share the same heart felt values and ideals. Love is expressed which is far beyond the personal form of romantic love. There is a recognition of Oneness for all beings sharing life on this lovely planet. YES!!! I suggest men who are balanced emotionally get together and form a class or group to help other men who have problems with hurting women physically. They need help from other men.

November 29 – December 1 Mercury is in an awkward aspect with Uranus. Be careful with your words. Be clear about what you want to say so that you will not be misinterpreted.

December 4 there will be a Solar Eclipse (New Moon).

*Be well, stay well, and pray that your faith in the Divine is steadfast, always.*