ROCKPORT β€” Maine Media Workshops + College recently hosted “Inside In the Heights” on its sound stage. This was an exciting behind-the-scenes discussion about the movie that honored the Latinx community in Washington Heights, New York.

Director Jon M. Chu working on the set of β€œIn the Heights.”

Director Jon M. Chu and cinematographer Alice Brooks, ASC, discussed the film based on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash Broadway hit “In the Heights” over Zoom and in person, respectively. The event was moderated by cinematographer and Maine Media instructor Tatyana Krstevski and presented by B&H Photo. Maine Media film students were invited to attend the event and talk to Brooks afterwards. “Inside In the Heights” will be shared “On Demand” starting Dec. 6 on the B&H IDP (Inside Digital Production) landing page.

Chu and Brooks are currently collaborating on a movie adaptation of the musical “Wicked.”

Cinematographer Alice Brooks, ASC, front, with students and staff at Maine Media Workshops + College. Photo by Jo Silver