City Council pay

Recently, the voters of Rockland approved a $3200 pay raise for the Rockland City Council who hadn’t seen an increase in pay for over 40 years, according to VillageSoup. Coupled with a cost of living increase each year, their pay will skyrocket over the next 40 years. Compare that to your local Rockland School board members, whose pay is capped at $25 per meeting by state law. They manage over 400 employees, and a budget about eight-to-10 million dollars more than the city. Public service is just that: public service. Do I think the council needed a raise? Yes, I do. Did I think they needed $4000 a year? No. Twenty votes made the difference. Public service can be both a rewarding and thankless job. There is a big difference between a maximum of $600 for school board members and $4000 for councilors in annual pay. I hope that some of them that feel they can afford it give some of their pay back to the city. I thank them for what they do.

Doug Curtis Jr