CAMDEN —West Bay Rotary presented $3,000 to One Less Worry to support its initiative to provide free eco-friendly menstrual cups to 300 low-income women in Knox County. These cups will save women hundreds of dollars and significantly reduce menstrual products going into the waste stream.

Menstrual cups. left, reduce menstrual products going into the waste stream. On the right are tampons.  


In accepting the donation, OLW Executive Director and founder Sharon Hobson said, “Research shows that the average woman spends $75 to $100 a year for menstrual products. For a woman who is having a difficult time feeding a family, tampons and pads become an expense that is hard to afford. By supplying the free menstrual cups, the cost of menstruation drops to almost zero.

“Environmentally, most pads & tampons come in a box. Inside the box are the products, which are each individually wrapped. Most tampons have a plastic applicator. Pads have a removable strip over adhesive. Except for expensive all-organic cotton tampons and pads, which few people can afford, most pads & tampons are made from synthetic materials like rayon or absorbent polymers which are often bleached so that they are white. There is nothing environmentally friendly about commonly used and affordable menstrual products.”

One Less Worry is a grassroots organization that provides pads, tampons, and toilet paper to people in Knox County. While its product distribution is focused on local communities, its advocacy efforts have a broader reach. For more information, go to: