BELFAST — Students in the Belfast Area High School marine studies class recently visited a local intertidal shipwreck as part of their unit on maritime archaeology.

Assisted by Assistant Principal Jessica Woods, students conducted measurements, took photographs and made sketches. They also collected various artifacts to be cleaned and analyzed back at the school as to their association or not with the vessel.

According to instructor Chip Lagerbom, the recent Nor’easter provided a challenge with higher water levels than the regularly scheduled low tide, “but the class persevered and made it a successful field trip.”

Students were tasked with developing and testing hypotheses regarding the kind of vessel, its use, its age, and its fate. They will all also prepare a detailed scaled map of the site and a site report.

For more information on the program, contact BAHS marine studies instructors Lisa White, Dave Thomas and Chip Lagerbom.

Upon arrival, the BAHS marine studies class prepares to investigate the shipwreck site. Courtesy of Charles Lagerbom






Even with higher than normal water level, students accomplished what they intended, taking measurements, and conducting water tests such as temperature and salinity. Courtesy of Charles Lagerbom