OWLS HEAD — The Owls Head Selectboard voted Monday evening, Nov. 15 to appoint Maria Devery to represent the town on the Regional School Unit 13 Board.

The appointment runs until the annual August 2022 town meeting. The town has one member on the 10-member board.

The vote was 2-1 with Selectboard members Linda Post and Tom VonMalder voting for Devery and Chair Gordon Page voting against. Page had recommended Owls Head native and former board member Nancy Jeffers be appointed.

Devery will succeed Susan Allen Thomas who resigned after serving six years on the RSU 13 Board.

Post said she was supporting Devery because she wanted someone to shake up the school board, and someone who would give regular updates to Owls Head.

VonMalder said while he disagreed with Devery on some points, he admired the hard work she has done to research issues in the school district.

Devery told the Board before the vote she was not new to education and would not shy away from issues.

She said she had a few minor victories by getting the district to better publicize their meeting agendas, and to allow Zoom participation by the public.

Devery has also challenged the school board’s interpretation the public can only comment at meetings on items on the agenda. She argued the district’s own written policy does not state that limitation.

Devery has attended school board and Select Board meetings this year. She has claimed masks and vaccinations are not necessary for young people and present a greater risk than the COVID-19 virus. And, at a May 17 meeting of the Owls Head Selectboard, claimed the school district was teaching critical race theory, in which students were being taught if they are white they are automatically racist.

At the Monday night, Nov. 15 Selectboard meeting, she claimed the newspaper articles about her had been incorrect on everything other than her opposition to masks. Her statements, however, on vaccinations and her claims of critical race theory being taught are on videotape for both Owls Head meetings on YouTube and the school board meetings on the district’s website.

Jeffers served six years on the RSU 13 Board representing Rockland, being elected in 2012 and 2015. She was vice chair of the board in 2018. Jeffers also represented Rockland on RSU 13’s predecessor School Administrative District 5, dating back to 2006. She and her husband have since moved to Owls Head.

Jeffers said she supports the CDC’s guidance on masks and vaccinations. She said she did not believe critical race theory was being taught in the schools.