WALDOBORO — The Medomak Valley High School boys varsity soccer team experienced a stellar regular-season campaign. And if the junior varsity squad’s finish is an indicator, the good times should continue to roll for the Panthers in the future.

Led by veteran coach Paul Berube, the jayvees booted to a 7-2-1 record.

Team members included Slavik Moody, Kristian Schumann, Liam Belyea, Ben Aston, Zan Nguyen, Isaac Swain, Vishal Mellor, Jared Pinkham, Nevan Power, Bruce Bossow, Seamus Donhaghy, Sam Scheuzger, Will Rush, Finn Kelly, Gavin Clark, Elias Pluecker and Jordan Luce-Warren.

Berube said a few varsity players were forced to swing down to allow the jayvees to field a team.

“I really appreciated the extra time they put in, otherwise it could have been a lost season for the full-time jayvee players,” he said. “Overall this was a young squad who were eager to play and improve. They really enjoyed the game of soccer.”

With such a small group, practices focused primarily on “footskills, working on one-touch and two-touch passing, dribbling, one-on-one moves and shooting.”

“They were a group of players who worked well together, formed a quick bond and trusted each other to do their jobs,” he said. “They were a fun group of young men to coach whether we were practicing or playing a game. They did their best to possess the ball with short quick passes.”

In 10 games, the Panthers scored 27 goals, as 10 players creased the net, against only eight goals allowed.

Offensively, the Panthers were led by Moody (3 goals, 4 assists), Schumann ( 5 goals, assist), Belyea (goal), Nguyen (2 assists), Swain (goal), Mellor (4 goals, 2 assists), Power (2 goals, 2 assists), Bossow (goal), Rush (goal), Clark (8 goals, 2 assists) and Luce-Warren (goal).

Medomak Valley held opponents off the scoreboard in four of games as Pluecker, Belyea, Swain, Clark and Mellor saw time in net. Berube added Rush, Belyea, Swain, Scheuzger, Bossow, Donhaghy, Aston and Kelly played “outstanding defense on our fullback line.”

“The future of Medomak soccer is promising and I look forward to seeing what they do in the next few years,” the coach said.

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