ROCKLAND — The sacrifices made by veterans from all branches of the military were recognized during an annual Veterans Day ceremony held Thursday, Nov. 11, at Winslow-Holbrook Park.

“At the time when a veteran signed his or her name and raised their right hand to protect and defend this country and the way of life that we love so dearly, that person had little or no clue of what might be in their future, what dangers they would face, and yet they proudly pledged themselves to the task,” Winslow-Holbrook-Merritt American Legion Post Vice Commander Dave Sulin said.

“All Americans should be proud that this country, going all the way back to our struggle for independence as a nation, has had a citizenry with the backbone and dedication to step to the front when hearing their country’s call,” the vice commander said.

He noted some veterans return from their service with both visible and hidden scars that no amount of time can heal.

“Serving their country was not just a slogan, but rather a duty,” he said.

Post Commander Russell Wolfertz Jr. was master of ceremonies for the Veterans Day ceremony in Rockland. Photo by Stephen Betts

Photo by Stephen Betts

Naomi, left, and Erika Leach placed a wreath on the Winslow-Holbrook monument. Photo by Stephen Betts

The Bay Winds North Wind Ensemble conducted by Marlene Hall offered patriotic music. Photo by Stephen Betts