CAMDEN — The Five-Town CSD School Board voted Wednesday, Nov. 3, to approve a six-month sabbatical leave for Superintendent Maria Libby from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2022.

Libby said she plans to work on two books, one for children, on the topic of education. She said she also needs a reprieve and a break “to be my best self for the next chapter of my career here.”

It was not settled who would fill her shoes in the central office in her absence. She told the board she would give her recommendation on how to handle that in the closed-door meeting on personnel that took place directly after the vote.

It was noted by one board member that such a request had been denied in the past for a teacher due to the budget constraints and the cost of staffing to replace the person. However, it was also noted that these have been challenging times with the pandemic.

Libby said she has worked for the district 24 years, and nine years in the central office. Over that time she said she has actually worked extra years in the job. One of the board members said, “11.25 extra years, but who is counting?”

During the same meeting it was noted that Camden Hills Regional High School Assistant Principal Graham Bode resigned, and will be retiring as of Jan. 1.