THOMASTON — Let’s talk about senior cats. As a senior citizen myself, I can certainly try to empathize with how they might be feeling — yes, cats do have feelings and emotions. Try to identify with some of their needs after they arrived here at Pope.

Molly had a loving family who had to move to a new home. Unfortunately, the new landlord didn’t allow pets. She might have a hard time warming up to a new family, but with loving care she can come out of her shell. Gerd’s owner died, leaving her bewildered about what the future might bring. Can you be the one to give her a bright future for the years she has left? Grandpappy came to Pope as a stray, and needs a home full of love to brighten his life, in contrast to formerly having to live on the streets. You could be the one to make his senior years happy and healthy, with regular nourishing meals and a warm blanket to sleep on instead of the cold ground.


Can you be that person who will adopt and nurture a senior cat? If adoption is not possible for you, would you consider providing foster care for a senior? Contact us at 594-2200 about our Foster Program.

My Pet Pick of the Week is Molly, a 16-year-old senior cat, with lots of life left in her. She’s a beautiful, shorthaired Calico. Her days are spent basking in the sun and checking out the activity outside the window. And did I mention her wonderful purr? Please visit us and fall in love with Molly. You could be the one to give her a forever home.

Wish list: Bleach, paper towels, copier paper, canned cat food paté style, angle brooms, dish liquid.

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