THOMASTON — Thomaston’s Village Cemetery Board of Trustees reviewed mowing and maintenance bids at its Nov. 8 meeting, and accepted a bid from Hoppe’s Tree Service, owned by Thomaston Police Chief Tim Hoppe.

The three-year bid from Hoppe’s Tree Service was for $255,000.

The other bid for cemetery maintenance was from Wilson Construction and Landscaping.

Wilson Construction and Landscaping’s three-year bid was $126,720. Wilson is owned by Sam Lanning of South Thomaston.

The maintenance bids were for Thomaston Village Cemetery, Butler Cemetery and Morse’s Corner.

Each company outlined their bid amount for each year, including a breakdown of the cost for each cemetery.

The yearly cost from Hoppe’s Tree Service was $85,000. This included $76,300 for Village Cemetery, $1,200 for Morse’s Corner and $7,500 for Butler Cemetery.

The yearly cost from Wilson Construction and Landscaping was $42,240 per year. This included $40,000 for Village Cemetery, $960 for Morse’s Corner and $1,280 for Butler Cemetery.

Hoppe was present to answer questions on behalf of his company. Vanessa Thomann was present to answer questions on behalf of Wilson Construction.

Members of the Select Board and the Board of Trustees reviewed both bids with the company representatives and asked questions about the businesses and the nature of the work they would do.

Town Clerk Melissa Stevens said she was concerned that though Wilson’s bid was significantly lower than that of Hoppe’s Tree Service, the town had been down this road the last several years with other contractors, and none had been able to maintain the cemetery at that bid rate. This led to resident complaints.

Stevens said she drove by Village Cemetery recently, and it looked the best she has seen it in years. Hoppe’s company is currently maintaining the cemetery.

Town Manager Kara George said the town had also received positive feedback from residents about the current condition as well.

George also said Hoppe’s company has bailed the town out in the past when contractors did not meet the standard. This also cost the town additional monies in legal fees as well as hiring Hoppe’s company to finish out the contracts.

“He has stepped up to the plate every time,” George said.

Joanne Richards of the Village Cemetery Board of Trustees said she supported giving the contract to Hoppe because he had fewer current clients and could prioritize the town cemeteries.

Select Board Chair Diane Giese said she appreciated the work that Thomann had put in and thanked her for being there. Giese said the bid results may have looked differently if the town had not had issues with previous contracts for the cemetery maintenance.