THOMASTON — The Thomaston Select Board voted to bring the so-called “North Road” before voters before spending any more money on the project, even for studies. They also determined they needed to present the public with more information.

The decision was made at the board’s Nov. 8 meeting, after a discussion with members of the public about the project.

Pollution Control Superintendent John Fancy said he and Town Manager Kara George had met with Maine Department of Transportation about the project, and shared the Dirigo Engineering feasibility study with them.

Fancy said MDOT appeared to be interested in the project, and had possible funding sources that would be available. He called it a golden opportunity for the town to work with the state agency.

Fancy also said he had thought about the concerns expressed at the public information session held Oct. 21. Most residents were concerned with how the project would impact their lives and their homes. He suggested rerouting the road so it did not impact Thomaston residents.

Fancy said he thought it would be possible for the town to accomplish what they wanted with this project without impacting residents and without spending more money.

Select Board member Sandra Moore said she had heard from a number of people that they did not want the town to spend more money on studies for the North Road project.

Board Chair Diane Giese said she agreed the town should not spend more money on the project until they determined if the town supported moving forward with it.

Select Board member Bill Hahn said the town did not have enough information to bring the issue to voters. He also wondered how the town would grow development without the North Road project.

Moore wondered why the project was going through private yards, and why it involved taking private land.

Thomaston resident Joanne Richards said the project could adversely affect downtown, which the town had spent time and money developing. Many drivers might just skip downtown Thomaston if this road is installed.

Fancy said he agreed more information was needed before taking the issue to a vote.

Resident Frank Devlin asked why the town was considering spending money on studies for this project when it could be spent fixing existing issues like infrastructure problems.

Resident Anson Norton asked how the town would prevent large trucks from using Main Street. These trucks will go where they want, Norton said.

Resident Peggy McCrea said all these questions backed up the importance of further studies on the project.

Select Board Vice Chair Pete Lammert said he would like to find a way to mitigate traffic instead, as the traffic problems had increased to the point it was difficult for him to leave his house some days.

Devlin said he also saw times there was no traffic in Thomaston, so it was not a problem all the time.

Resident Rod Grindell said all the changes the state made to Route One years ago were meant to calm traffic, and that had not been accomplished.

Grindell said the town should clarify what the North Road project was supposed to accomplish. Was it to help traffic, or was it to aid development in town?

Grindell added that a rotary, proposed in the feasibility studies from Dirigo, could cause difficulties for the large delivery trucks the road was designed for.

The board voted to gather more information on the project and hold a referendum vote at the next special town meeting.

Fancy said he would contact MDOT and gather more information.

The board meeting can be viewed at The next meeting is Monday, Nov. 22 at 6 p.m.