ROCKLAND — The state agency that issues submerged land leases, city officials, and interested residents toured Friday afternoon, Nov. 5, the proposed site of the Safe Harbor Marinas expansion in Rockland Harbor.

The submerged land agency, all city councilors, except Ben Dorr whose term ends next week, Councilor-elect Nicole Kalloch, and city manager toured the site on a breezy, chilly, early day.

The City Council and residents had asked the submerged land agency to come down to look at the property before it made a decision on leasing additional submerged land to Safe Harbor.

The project includes dredging an area 138,000 square feet, according to the application. The expansion of the float system includes four 150-foot long fingers to the east of the main pier; a 90-foot finger to the west; and a 115-foot long and a 172-foot string of floats to the west.

Red ball markers were placed in the harbor by Safe Harbor to show the extent of the proposed expansion. The expanded marina would come within 60 feet of the city’s dinghy floats at the public landing.

Safe Harbor has also agreed to pay for the cost of moving 16 moorings that have to be relocated by the proposed marina expansion. They will also help the city assign the moorings close to where they are currently located.

City officials said at their Nov. 1 meeting the city attorney and Safe Harbor have been working on coming up with an agreement to ensure public access to the boardwalk. The boardwalk was built by MBNA when they opened the waterfront office complex in 2001. Rockland Harbor Park LLC, led by local developer Stuart Smith, purchased the property in 2007.

Safe Harbor has also agreed to allow limited access to the pier at the marina, improve public access to Sandy Beach and help with a public bathroom to replace the portable toilets at the city-owned beach.

The original, more expansive plan, was submitted back in 2018 by Yachting Solutions.