ROCKLAND – The Center for Maine Contemporary Art’s “Concealed in Plain Sight” ArtLab Intensive will be held in-person after school the week of Nov. 15 through 18 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. The cost of registration is $85, which includes a +1 for participants to attend with a friend. Registrations can be made online by Saturday, Nov. 13, to attend.

Explore the possibilities of visual messages and create your own unique patterned composition. Drawing from observations of artist Ryan Adams’ “Lessons,” as well as the histories of camouflage in animals and British naval ship Dazzle patterns, this class will explore how forms of visual masking have been used by the natural world to conceal what has always been in plain sight.

Teaching artist Annie Bailey is a multi-media visual artist born and raised in Tenants Harbor. Described as “hovering between abstraction and impressionistic realism,” her work celebrates the range of one’s creative potential, from control to chaos.

ArtLab Intensive after school classes invite students ages 10 through 13 years old to engage in contemporary artworks and artists. These week-long classes empower young artists to dive deep into one area of study, observing, critiquing and applying skills to personal artworks. CMCA is located at 21 Winter St. Learn more by visiting