ROCKPORT – Residents have spoken at the ballot box on the special town meeting ballot as follows:

They voted 1,099 to 265 in favor of Article 2, which asked: “Shall the Town authorize the Select Board to enter into a contract with engineering and design professionals to prepare documents for future consideration of a new fire station in West Rockport on terms and conditions that the Select Board determine to be in the best interests of the Town?”

They voted 791 to 569 in favor of Article 3.

This question sought to authorize the select board to spend up to $35,000 with NewHeight Group for a market survey for the former Rockport Elementary School site.

Citizens voted 1,184 to 155 to support Article 4 to amend the Town’s Land Use Ordinance clarifying how land use regulations and amendments can be adopted.

Residents voted 925 to 289 in favor of Article 5, asking shall an ordinance amending the Town of Rockport Land Use Ordinance in Section 700 Zoning Board of Appeals be enacted.

The changes proposed by this last question are designed to clarify the Zoning Board of Appeal’s process and procedures. Some of the items appear to be housekeeping, but some may be worth noting. The Zoning Board recently went through several lengthy meetings concerning appeals of the hotel project in Rockport.

The Ordinance Review committee sent a document explaining the changes to members of the Planning Board and Select Board. According to this document, one current subsection “allows ‘every party’ to participate in the appeal. The intent, obviously, is to focus on the participants involved in the dispute but others might read it to include any busybody who is seeking a forum. Suggested language is added to section 702(3) making it consistent with limiting the participation to the petitioner…”



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