ROCKLAND — Political newcomer Nicole Kalloch unseated first-term Councilor Ben Dorr for a three-year seat on the Rockland City Council.

Kalloch received 1,056 votes compared to Dorr’s 979 votes.

She will be sworn into office on Nov. 15.

Kalloch, a Main Street resident, is plant manager at Sierra Peaks manufacturing plant on Pleasant Street in Rockland, and is also an office manager for her husband’s contracting business — J.K. Kalloch. She is a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, with a degree in international business and logistics.

Kalloch said during the campaign she was excited to bring a new way of thinking to the City Council, stressing her skill in planning and budgeting.

While a non-partisan seat, she worked with the Republican Party during the campaign. She is the first Republican to win a Rockland City Council seat since Will Clayton won in 2014.

Dorr is the co-owner/operator of Curator on Main Street.

The 2,154 votes cast in 2021 is nearly double the turnout in the last off-year election in 2019.

Rockland voters also approved the first pay raise for councilors in 41 years. Voters approved the charter change referendum 994 to 974. The referendum increases the council pay from $800 to $4,000 and $1,000 to $4,500 annually for the mayor. The pay was last increased in 1980. The pay hike will take effect July 1, 2022.

Residents also approved an advisory referendum concerning housing 1,354 to 654. The question read: “Do you support amending Rockland’s zoning regulations to allow smaller, more efficient, more affordable dwellings?”

City voters rejected a charter change that would have increased the amount of a bond borrowing by the city without voter approval. The city had asked voters to increase the amount from $100,000 to $350,000. That has not increased since 1980. Residents rejected that proposal 770 to 1,141.

Residents also rejected a charter change that would have allowed the city to schedule special meetings without a notice in a local newspaper. That proposal was rejected 1,354 to 654.

Voters also approved requiring nomination papers for municipal seats to be filed 60 days before the election rather than the current 45 days before the election. That was approved 1,316 to 570.

Voters elected two members to the Regional School Unit 13 Board in uncontested races. David Martz of Lake View Drive was elected to a one-year seat and Kelli McCannell of Cedar Street was elected to a three-year seat. Martz was appointed to the school board earlier this year by the City Council, replacing Gerald Weinand.

McCannell fills one of the two seats held by Tom Peaco and Doug Curtis Jr. Neither sought re-election. There was no candidate for the second three-year seat. The City Council will be able to appoint a member who will serve until the next general election in November 2022. Martz received 1,455 votes and McCannell 1,453.

Noah Barnes of Old County Road was re-elected to the Rockland Port District in an uncontested race for a five-year seat. He received 1,490 votes.