CUSHING — Cushing Community School is walking across America thanks to a grant from the Georges River Educational Foundation.

Principal Dawn Jones said the students began their journey Oct. 14, with a goal of walking nearly 10 million steps. The school said this is the total steps needed to walk across the country.

By the end of October, the staff and students had walked more than 1,000 miles and were making their way across the state of Indiana.

With the funds from the grant, the school purchased pedometers for all students and staff, a giant map of America to track progress and a United States atlas for every student.

A paper captain is moved across the map daily to show where the school is currently on the journey.

The daily morning message updates the school on the current location, and highlights information about the state they are currently in or moving through.

The school is calculating 2,500 steps per mile and approximately 3,800 miles across the United States.