Roads were washed out around the region and power knocked out from a Halloween storm that brought flooding rains and high winds.

The Knox County Emergency Agency Director Ray Sisk issued a statement Sunday morning, Oct. 31 about roads being washed out. He warned drivers not to drive around barriers set up by emergency personnel. Sisk said Sunday this was the most road damage he has seen in the area from a storm.

Both major roads — such as Route 17, Route 90 and Route 1 — and less traveled roads had places where water went over the road and flooded the travel lanes. There were washouts in numerous communities. There were numerous calls to emergency crews for flooded basements.

Rainfall amounts averaged 3 inches to 6 inches but there were reports in Rockland of more than 7 inches. Much of that fell in a several-hour period early Sunday. Road crews were out repairing the damaged roads.

Central Maine Power reported nearly 1,200 customers without power as of 8 a.m. That included 697 in Rockport, 201 in Camden, 145 in Rockland, and 137 in Warren. Most customers had their power restored by mid-morning. Winds gusted to 30 to 40 miles per hour.

This was the second storm in a week to strike the region with the Oct. 27 storm sending six boats off their moorings in Rockland Harbor and knocking out power to thousands at the peak.

The 2021 Halloween storm is one of the heaviest rainfalls on record to hit the Midcoast. There was a storm in mid-September 1994 that dumped more than 11 inches of rain but that was spread out over a three-day period. That led to flooding including significant overflow of Lindsey Brook.

Locations along Lindsey Brook that are prone to flooding experienced that from the 2021 Halloween storm. Buddy Carleton said the five-unit apartment building he co-owns at 38 Talbot Ave. had flooding in the basement that damaged all the electrical circuits. The building has 12 tenants.

Water gurgling out of storm drains on Union Street in Rockland Oct. 31. Photo by Stephen Betts

A section of Lincoln Street in Rockland is closed when heavy rains washed away part of the pavement Oct. 31. Photo by Stephen Betts

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