ROCKLAND — The state agency that awards submerged land leases will visit Safe Harbor Marinas in Rockland on Friday, Nov. 5.

The 1:30 p.m. visit is at the request of the City Council. The submerged lands office, part of the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, is considering approving an additional submerged land lease to the marina company for its proposed marina expansion.

“Several interested parties have also requested to be notified of the visit, so there will be members of the public present. The visit will not provide an opportunity for further public comment, but will provide an opportunity to respond to the concerns that fall under the Bureau’s purview of the public trust rights of fishing, fowling, navigation and recreation,” stated an email from Submerged Lands Coordinator Karen Foust to City Manager Tom Luttrell.

City Councilor Nate Davis said the Council will again be discussing his proposed order that would seek compensation from Safe Harbor for diminished public access due to the expanded marina. That compensation could include public easements. The Council held off on a vote on the order at its Oct. 13 meeting in order to schedule a visit by the state. The Council meets Monday evening, Nov. 1.

The project would include dredging an area 138,000 square feet, according to the application. The expansion of the float system would include four 150-foot long fingers to the east of the main pier; a 90-foot finger to the west; and both a 115-foot long and a 172-foot string of floats to the west.

City councilors maintain the proposed expansion is scaled back and far better than the original plan submitted back in 2018 by Yachting Solutions.

Some residents and other people with boats have criticized the expansion, saying it would block the public’s view from Harbor Park and would force some existing boaters to move their moorings.