ROCKLAND — The following is news from the Rockland Golf Club:

On Saturday, Oct. 23, in the 19th annual Irish Open, there were a bundle of flight winners. The event was hosted by Keenan Flanagan, the club’s PGA professional, and money raised is used for improvement of the club and course. Flanagan, of course, is Irish.

Men — Flight 1: Dave McLellan Jr. and Dave McLellan Sr., first gross 67; and James Anderson and Sam Wiley, first net 55. Flight 2: Rick Knight and Tom Quantrell, first gross 76; and Eric Hebert and Tyler Metcalf, first net 58.

Mixed Flight — Mark Curtis and Tammy King, first gross 75; and Jack Novia and Geri Novia, first net 64.

Women’s Flight — Kathy Harper and Wendy Pires, first gross 86; and Mary Clewett and Diane Bryant, first net 64.

Pins: Jason Willis, 17-4 on the fifth hole; Daulton Wickenden, two inches on the 10th; and Geri Novia, 10-1, and Troy Witham, 2-4, on the 18th.

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