VINALHAVEN — An airplane flying an emergency patient and a Vinalhaven emergency medical technician crashed Friday evening, Oct. 22, as it tried to take off from the Vinalhaven airstrip.

The crash, involving a Penobscot Island Air Cessna 207, occurred at about 5 p.m.

Vinalhaven Fire and EMS personnel, and a Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputy, were on scene from the previous call and, along with bystanders, quickly assisted the two passengers and pilot to safety.

Additional Fire/EMS personnel were requested and arrived shortly thereafter. The fire personnel were able to secure the scene and minimize any leaks from the plane’s fuel tank. EMS personnel assessed the pilot and the Vinalhaven EMT involved in the crash, and they were released with minor injuries.

Penobscot Island Air transported an additional medic from South Thomaston’s ambulance service to assist on the scene. By 7 p.m. they were able to transport the original patient and the medic to the Knox County Regional Airport in Owls Head, where the patient was then taken to a hospital.

An investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing and no other details about the crash are available currently. The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration were notified.

Vinalhaven Fire Chief, Marc Candage, on scene from the original EMS call, was able to react immediately.

“We are grateful that the patient, our crew member, and the pilot are okay following this accident”, Candage said. “At the end of the day, responding crew and bystanders acted quickly, we treated those involved, and we were able to see our patient get transported to definitive care.”

The plane was moved Saturday. The extent of damage to the plane was not immediately available.