CAMDEN — Down East has been named Magazine of the Year by International Regional Magazine Association. The award was announced at IRMA’s annual conference, which was held in October.

The IRMA judges wrote: “Down East is the Maine postcard you receive from that one friend who squeezes 800 words into a 4×6 space and you’re still upset she couldn’t write more because every detail makes you want to visit; this combined with a local newsletter that captures all the color and personality of a town’s places and people — like Uncle Lumpy, the jovial pooping-moose toy maker. Yes, you can play a drinking game with all the mentions of Thoreau and Stephen King and the phrase “Maine-iest,” but Down East has a way of making you feel like Maine was the first and best corner of the country — the rest of the union subsequently unfurled at its southwest border and with diminishing returns. The magazine’s dedication to literature, crafts, nature, and history, buttressed by first-rate reporting and clever rubrics, made the 2020 issues a clarion call to quit everything and find adventure/peace/meaning in the Pine Tree State. A vicarious delight.”

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