October 20 The Full Moon takes place at 10:57 a.m. with the Moon at 27 degrees of Aries opposite the Sun at 27 degrees of Libra.

This intensifies emotional issues in a personal relationship which lack a solid foundation in trust and respect. This Full Moon determines if the relationship can make it or not.

What concerns me is the fact that Pluto is positioned at 24 degrees of Capricorn, forming a difficult aspect to the Full Moon. It’s like popping a pimple. It’s obvious that the pus (dead white blood cells) must come out in order to heal. This Full Moon will be like that. Getting rid of what is not needed…emotionally.

Pluto makes a demand on this Full Moon to commit to your higher purpose in life and to overcome your weakness for having your ego complemented by others. Happiness is an inside job, as they say. You cannot get it from others’ flattering comments about you.

Although it does feel good, that only lasts for about 15 minutes then it’s back to where you were before. Who am I? Why is my life worthwhile? Do I need to do something to prove my value? Am I lovable as I am? The answer is always yes …when we are being true to higher principles. The “Golden rule” is always prioritized. “Do unto others as you would have then do unto you.” My mother did not believe in following any religion, but this.

October 23 – 24  Mercury, no longer retrograde, is in an awkward aspect with Uranus. Be careful with your words. Disputes get fired up and can suddenly (a Uranus word!) spiral out of control. Your nervous system is agitated.

October 24 – 26  Venus in Sagittarius is in a troublesome aspect with Neptune. The search for an ideal world or an ideal mate is ignited. There is disappointment to be felt and released. This is a common aspect, meaning it happens often. It only lasts for two days.  It’s not like having “Neptune in a troublesome aspect to your natal Venus.” That lasts for 2 ½  years.

October 26 – 28 Venus is nicely aspecting Jupiter, suggesting that this is a “party time.”  Something is worth celebrating. It could be a wedding ceremony, renewing marriage vows or an anniversary worth celebrating with loved ones and neighbors. Everyone seems to be smiling, relaxed, and enjoying being with one another and good food.

October 28 – 30 This is an uncomfortable time with the Sun in a challenging aspect to Saturn. There’s frustration with delays. You might be feeling unsupported while you’re experiencing the need for help. Old belief systems no longer make sense. Yet these beliefs still have a hold on you. It would be useful to identify these old belief patterns in order to transform and free your mind. Also, at this time Mercury is in an awkward aspect with Neptune. Your memory is not functioning well. Don’t fret; it won’t last long.

October 29 – 31 Mercury is in a fabulous aspect with Jupiter! It will bring about brilliant genius ideas and insights. I realized that Jack Nicholson was born with “Mercury trine Jupiter.” I didn’t realize he was a genius. Oprah was born with this aspect and that seems obvious. Most people born with this aspect are brilliant in some way. If a child is born during this phase you will have to learn quickly throughout their life how to keep up with him or her!

October 30 Mars enters Scorpio. It’s interesting that many surgeons and EMT’s have this placement of Mars. Mars while in Scorpio serves to see beyond phony nice personalities when it’s positioned in Scorpio. Idealism is gone. Suspicious inclinations remain in order to protect oneself and beloved friends and family from harm. Mars in Scorpio is known to be an archetypal “ protector.”