UNION — The Union Select Board decided to move forward with two damage claims at their Oct. 19 meeting.

Both claims involved damage to town property.

One property claim was against Valerie Farmer of Rockport. Farmer was in a car crash on June 16, which damaged two benches on the Union Common.

Town Manager Jay Feyler said replacing the benches cost the town almost $1,400.

Farmer’s insurance company denied the claim, citing a “sudden medical event.”

The second property claim was against Leland Houghton of Union. Feyler said one of Houghton’s employees damaged pavement on North Union Road, which cost the town $1,500 to repair.

Feyler said when Houghton was sent the bill he came in to the town office “very angry,” and “said he was not going to pay the GD bill.”

Board Chair Adam Fuller said he understood accidents happen, but it was not fair to make taxpayers cover these bills.

Select Board member Josh White said Houghton had already refused to pay the bill once, and likely would refuse when sent the bill again.

Fuller said he had no patience for people who take out their anger on town employees.

In other business, the board formed a green space committee.

The first task of this committee will be to recommend deed restrictions for the town-owned Coggins Hill property to prevent future development.

The initial committee consists of Clairlynn Rountree, Wendy Reinemann, Kathleen Thornton, Donald Kleiner and White.

Karin Rector, who does not live in Union but does own property in town, also applied to join the committee.

Fuller said that committee meetings were open to all, and Rector was welcome to attend the meetings and give her input.

He added that this was just the initial membership, and the board could add more members at a future date.

Resident Heather Jackson informed the board that she had emailed an application to Feyler the day after the last board meeting.

Fuller said he would investigate Jackson’s application.

The board voted to close the town office on Nov. 2 due to all staff covering the election that day.

The board appointed Elmer Savage as Warden and Greg Grotton as Deputy Warden for the November election.

The next Select Board meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 6:30 p.m.