THOMASTON — Oceanside Little League officials have opted to table the motion to dissolve and look for solutions to its volunteer issues that would make the renewal of its national charter more feasible and, ultimately, more successful for an historic baseball and softball program that serves children in a handful of Midcoast communities.

At the league’s annual meeting on Monday, Oct. 18 at the Hampton Inn & Suites, Chris Barstow, who has served as league president, said the major business to be discussed and acted on focused on not renewing the Little League charter, with the goal of transitioning youth baseball and softball to area municipalities and their recreation departments.

However, Barstow said members of the public at the meeting decided to table the motion to not renew the league’s charter and attempt to rebuild the league’s core volunteer base.

“The intent at this time is to renew our Little League charter, remain an autonomous league, with hopes of increasing our board of directors’ base in the coming weeks,” Barstow said.

He said, as part of the renewal process, Susan Page, president of Maritime Energy, has volunteered to serve as point person for those efforts.

Barstow said those interested in volunteering to be a league board member or officer should email Page at

The league’s new board of directors, as constituted, were nominated and elected on Monday night. They will meet on Monday, Nov. 15 at 6 p.m. at the Hampton Inn & Suites at which time officers will be elected and plans for the 2021-22 season will begin.

Questions regarding the league’s transition can be directed to Page at the above email or Barstow at

Among the areas Oceanside Little League draws players from include Rockland, Thomaston, South Thomaston, St. George, Cushing and Vinalhaven.