LINCOLNVILLE — The majority of Lincolnville Select Board members declined to attend the Camden Select Board’s Oct. 14 event in Harbor Park on Megunticook dams and river, holding out for a sit-down meeting of the two boards, first requested in 2019.

About half of the Megunticook River watershed is located in the town of Lincolnville.

Historically, the two towns participated in a dams committee to discuss budgets and cost sharing for maintenance and operation of the East and West dams. The dams regulate water levels from Lake Megunticook in Camden up to Norton Pond, in Lincolnville.

In more recent years, the dams committee has stopped meeting.

The dams committee had been meeting as long as Lincolnville Town Administrator David Kinney can remember. The committee consisted of the dam warden, Megunticook Lake Association director, and town managers and community members from both towns.

In June 2019, Lincolnville board members requested a joint meeting with Camden’s board to discuss policies for the dams.

Lincolnville board members wanted to review roles and responsibilities for operation and repair costs of the two dams, in light of Camden’s plans to study the feasibility of adding fish passage systems. Lincolnville’s board stated that funds would not be released to Camden for the dams unless issues were discussed.

In response, Camden board members asked that a few members from each board meet, which Lincolnville board members did not agree to. In October 2019, the Camden board agreed to the joint meeting of all board members. The meeting never occurred.

This September, it appeared the long-awaited meeting was about to happen.

Three Lincolnville board members had accepted Camden’s Sept. 9 invitation to a workshop on the Megunticook River Feasibility Report in Camden’s town office conference room, according to Kinney. The date was set for Oct. 14.

The invitation stated the workshop would go over the findings of the report Camden commissioned, help answer the Lincolnville board’s questions about the lake dams and “give both boards an opportunity to talk about future plans for managing them.”

Kinney was informed Oct. 6 of the change of venue to an outdoor event. At the next Lincolnville board meeting Oct. 12, he reviewed the change and sought to reconfirm whether members wanted to attend.

If three or more members had planned to attend, Kinney would prepare an agenda, which meets state law requirements for public notice of the board’s meetings. The agenda also informs the public, so “they can be aware that the board is meeting, and can attend if they so choose,” Kinney said in an email.

Due to the change in the meeting’s format, Chair Ladleah Dunn, Vice Chair Keryn Laite and Board member Mike Ray said they would pass on the event. Board members Josh Gerritsen and Jordan Barnett-Parker said they would go to the meeting in Harbor Park.

All board members agreed to direct Kinney to send another request to Camden Town Manager Audra Caler for the joint meeting.