CAMDEN — Members of Save the Dam Falls plan to present a citizen petition to the Select Board Oct. 19 to preserve and maintain the Montgomery Dam.

The plan is to present the petition during the citizen comment period, according to Ken Gross of Save the Dam Falls. Citizen comments on non-agenda items are usually presented at the beginning of each Select Board meeting.

The wording of the warrant article is “Shall the Town of Camden protect, preserve, maintain, and repair the existing Montgomery Dam near Harbor Park in Camden?”

Save the Dam Falls is asking the Camden Select Board to place the article in the next warrant issued or call a special town meeting for its consideration.

The stated purpose of the article “is to prevent the destruction or removal of the Montgomery Dam and to preserve the Montgomery Dam and falls.”

On Oct. 14, Gross requested the Select Board add the request for the warrant article on the Oct. 19 Board agenda. The request was made on behalf of Save the Dam Falls and sent to Chair Bob Falciani. Falciani declined to place the issue on the board agenda at this time, according to Gross.

Maine law sets forth the procedure for placing an article on a warrant by citizen petitions, as follows:

“On the written petition of a number of voters equal to at least 10% of the number of votes cast in the town at the last gubernatorial election, but in no case less than 10, the municipal officers shall either insert a particular article in the next warrant issued or shall within 60 days call a special town meeting for its consideration.”

Camden’s town charter adds an extra step, though this may not be required by state law. The step calls for “any qualified voter” to request the Select Board place an article in the warrant “and shall present in written form the substance of the article.”

If the request is denied by the board, according to the Charter, then the rules outlined by State law are used to accomplish the goal of placing the article before voters.