ROCKLAND – Now shoppers can give back to the local community and help to reduce single-use plastics by purchasing a special reusable bag at Hannaford. The Farnsworth Art Museum is pleased to announce that it has been selected by local Hannaford store leadership as the benefiting non-profit in the Community Bag Program for the month of November.

The Hannaford Community Bag Program is an easy way for shoppers to give back to the local community and the environment as part of the regular shopping routine. Every $2.50 reusable Community Bag sends a $1 donation to a non-profit local to the Hannaford in which it was purchased.

As part of this ongoing program, every month at every Hannaford location a different local non-profit is selected to benefit from the sale of the reusable Community Bag. The Farnsworth Art Museum was selected as the November beneficiary by local store leadership at the store located at 75 Maverick St, in Rockland. The Farnsworth will receive a $1 donation for every $2.50 reusable Community Bag purchased at this location in November.

“We all need to do our part to try and reduce single-use plastic in the environment,” said Farnsworth Director Christopher Brownawell. “By participating in this wonderful Hannaford program you can help our community at large, while also supporting the museum that celebrates Maine’s role in American art. We hope you’ll support us in November by purchasing one – or two! – Community Bags at our local Hannaford!”

The Farnsworth Art Museum celebrates Maine’s ongoing role in American art. It offers a nationally recognized collection of more than 15,000 works from many of America’s greatest artists. The Farnsworth has one of the largest public collections of works by sculptor Louise Nevelson, while its Wyeth Center features works of N.C., Andrew and Jamie Wyeth. The National Register-listed Farnsworth Homestead; the Olson House, a National Historic Landmark; and Julia’s Gallery for Young Artists complete the museum complex.

For more information about the Hannaford Community Bag Program, visit