Oct. 15 & 16 This ought to be a romantic phase for those born: March 29 – April 1,  July 30 –  Aug. 2, or Nov. 30 – Dec. 3 of any year. I say this because of a superfine aspect going on between Venus and Chiron. With this aspect you learn about the art within you, to be expressed.

Oct. 16 – 18 Mars in Libra is in a superfine aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius. Many people move during this combination. It gifts us all with a terrific amount of physical energy and excitement. I’ve observed that this aspect assists women in labor to give birth quickly. Because Mars is in Libra and Jupiter is in Aquarius it’s ideal for a peace march with a humanitarian focus. Speakers and musicians who inspire and uplift would be actively involved.

If you feel like going hiking you can thank this aspect between Mars and Jupiter, it is energizing.

Oct. 18 Mercury turns direct at 11:17 a.m. Now you can sign a legal document. Mercury has been retrograde since Sept. 27. The next time Mercury is retrograde is Jan. 14 until Feb. 4, in 2022. It helps to be prepared. If you’re hearing odd sounds from your car/truck ask your trusted mechanic to check it out before Mercury turns retrograde the next time.

Oc. 18 – 19 There’s awkwardness  in personal relationships. Venus is in a challenging aspect with Uranus. A relationship that starts during this time could be tumultuous yet there is a tremendous electrical magnetism between you which cannot be ignored. It depends on the comparison charts between you if this relationship stands a chance, or not.

Oct. 19 – 21 Mars in Libra is in a funky aspect with Pluto. It can be explosive and scary for anyone living (barely surviving) in an abusive relationship. This is not the time to leave. It would make it worse. There is violence associated with this aspect. Manipulation and control issues are being played out. The best scenario is to get some sort of advice (now) in order to get out of there at the right time, to go where you will be safe. New Hope for Women knows what to do.

Oct. 23 –  Nov. 21 The Sun moves into Scorpio at 12:51 a.m. Our karmic lessons are intensified while the Sun (and other planets) are visiting Scorpio. There’s a strong natural drive to overcome the past and transform your lifetime. Some choose the path of mastery over the ego, while others are drawn to dark devious paths to explore. Intimacy issues will surface. The desire to be in a close union with intense sexual activity is what we think of when we hear the word “Scorpio.” There is karma to be worked through and it isn’t easy. The issues which stem from insecurity, jealousy and possessiveness are to be dealt with. Having a secret love affair is often picked up telepathically by “the jealous mate” reinforcing their suspicious thoughts. This phase can make or break a relationship.