APPLETON – Union 69 Superintendent Kate Clark confirmed that there was an outbreak of COVID-19 among staff and students at the Appleton Village School that forced it to switch to remote learning.

During the weekend of Oct. 9 and 10, school administration learned of four unrelated positive COVID cases among staff and students, which she said put the school in “outbreak status.”

“The official number of positive cases is now up to 6,” she said Oct. 14. “By Monday afternoon (Oct. 11), over 50% of the students were identified as close contacts, many of whom needed to quarantine at home,” she said. “We weighed the fact that we did not know how many more cases would bubble up, the quality of education we could provide with over 1/2 the school in quarantine and the fact that this week in our calendar already had two shortened days and decided to provide remote instruction for the week.”

They have taken precautions to prepare for the return of the students, she said.

“All classrooms and the bus have been deep cleaned, and teachers and staff have been in all week, providing lessons and meals to students at home,” she said. “We will be back open for all students on Monday, October 18th. We would like to emphasize that we saw very little transmission in school and feel strongly that the mitigation measures we had in place meant that fewer staff and students became ill when in contact with others who were infectious.”