ROCKLAND — A 35-year-old Vinalhaven man was ordered held without bail following a court hearing Friday, Oct. 15 after law enforcement said he sunk another person’s boat earlier this month.

Christopher C. Hildings was arrested Thursday afternoon, Oct. 14 and charged with Class C felony aggravated criminal mischief and two misdemeanor counts of violating a condition of release.

According to an affidavit filed in the Knox County court by the Marine Patrol Office, the marine agency received a report on the morning of Oct. 6 from Lewis Cray that his boat was hanging from a piling in Vinalhaven Harbor. Officers went out to the island and found the boat underwater and tied to the piling. The investigators reported that it appeared it had been tied at high tide and when the tide went out that night it was left hanging and then was sunk when the tide rose.

Investigators were able to find a surveillance video that showed Hildings taking out his father’s boat (the fishing vessel MAGA) on the night of Oct. 5 and backing into Cray’s boat and then towing it into the harbor near where it was tied to the piling.

During the Friday, Oct. 15 hearing in the Knox County court, Judge John Martin agreed to the request of Deputy District Attorney Christopher Fernald to hold Hildings without bail. The request was made because Hildings was out on bail at the time of the incident for a felony assault charge that remains pending.

Fernald argued that Hildings has violated bail previously and has a lengthy criminal record.

The suspect can seek a bail review hearing after he meets with his attorney. The prosecutor said he would ask that any bail considered have a prohibition on Hildings returning to Vinalhaven. Fernald said law enforcement has requested that condition because of repeated offenses by the defendant while out on bail.