Vote for Kalloch

Nicole Kalloch is the most qualified candidate for city council I’ve seen in a very long time.

She’s a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy winning multiple awards in leadership. Her experience in managing IntriCon Tibbetts as a materials coordinator was great business experience. But then the move of Sierra Peaks to Rockland had its difficulties to work though, and she did it single handedly. Throughout, Nicole demonstrates her can-do attitude, which is what our city needs in a councilor.

Through budgeting, planning and execution Nicole turned the operation of Sierra Peaks in Maine into a successful business with improvements to production with complete reorganization.

Her grandfather is an environmentalist, and knows that “you don’t build on a Wetland.” I know Nicole will form her own opinions, having family that comes from both sides of the aisle.

As a senior who’s lived in Rockland for more than 30 years, I’ve seen the overspending of our city councils year after year. Nicole says she will safeguard our tax dollars, never taking the easy way out by raising them.

I’ve had the honor of spending time with Nicole and found her to be a breath of fresh air. Her smile and warm personality makes her a pleasure to be around.

I’d strongly recommend Rocklands voting public get behind her and cast your vote for Nicole Kalloch.

“Let’s move Rockland Forward” Vote Nov. 2 for Nicole.

Beverly Cowan


Why pay more to a city councilor?

We can vote to increase a councilor stipend on Nov. 2. A vote to increase compensation is catching up with the cost of living that has been frozen for many years. If we want voices on Council beyond those who can afford the time and resources it takes to “volunteer” as a councilor increasing the stipends is a way to open more doors. Councilors are supposed to represent our whole community. Let’s increase resources for those wanting to run for councilor positions who may need childcare to attend meetings, time to research and study the issues they vote on, and relief from working multiple jobs.

Connie Hayes

Support for Kalloch

I write this letter of support for Nicole Poland Kalloch, who is running for Rockland City Council in the election scheduled for the 2nd of November.

While I have known her husband for a longer period of time, Nicole and I first became acquainted a few years ago while I was involved with Rockland Main Street, Inc., the city’s downtown revitalization, economic and community development program. At the time, she was formulating the plan to relocate Sierra Peaks, [formerly known as Intricon/Tibbett’s Industries], the business that she manages, from Camden to Rockland. That business, which involves the development and manufacture of a variety of advanced technical equipment, has been a success thanks to Nicole’s leadership as the site manager of the facility that employs over a dozen engineers and skilled technicians.

Throughout the entire process, including researching real estate availability, zoning, property acquisition, renovation, and eventual relocation of an entire industrial plant and its employees to Rockland, Nicole demonstrated an innate capacity for negotiation, collaboration, and most especially, for getting the job done.

Nicole is committed to working toward improving Rockland through her community involvement, her significant knowledge of business and logistics, and supporting the projects that will make a difference in the lives of the City’s residents and taxpayers.

If you reside in the city of Rockland, please be sure to register to vote, and then cast your vote for Nicole Poland Kalloch for City Council on the 2nd of November.

Gordon Page, Sr.

Owls Head