ROCKPORT – If you have been driving between Rockland and Camden lately, you have been weaving in and out of makeshift lanes created by orange traffic cones while heavy construction equipment operates uncomfortably close to your vehicle.

The work is expected to continue into next year’s spring season, according to Rockport Town Manager Jon Duke.

“The project is proceeding full steam ahead until cold weather will impact the ability to pave disturbed sections of road,” he said. “Our contractor is working on both ends of the project, but we expect the middle section (near Oakland Park Bowling Lanes and Down East Magazine) will be left for us to complete in the spring. A fair amount of ledge exists within the roadway, which requires blasting and that process is slow moving. I expect there to be 45 days or so for the contract to be completed in the spring, and we hope an early dose of warm weather will allow the project to kick off sooner and wrap before tourist traffic arrives.”

He added the town is pleased with the manner in which Nitram Excavation has managed this job site.

The first phase of the project covered the installation of a new water main for Maine Water on Route 1, and the second is the town’s portion to connect sewer systems in Rockport Village and Glen Cove.

“In addition to the obvious economic development opportunities this creates along Route 1 in Rockport, this allows Rockport to work with Camden and Rockland to investigate the best possible options for the town’s waste water disposal needs,” Duke said.