Stella needs a hero. Someone with an abundance of patience and kindness. Someone willing to see what could be instead of what isn’t. She needs someone to believe in her. Stella hasn’t had an easy life. She grew up not expecting petting and love. People gave her food but little else. She wandered around as a community dog in South Carolina taking any meals that were offered. Now she is having a difficult time understanding why people would want to show her affection. It will not be an easy endeavor but one with great rewards.

Stella is only two years old and a gorgeous girl with a brindle coat. In spite of being nervous and shaky when we handle her, she has never shown any signs of aggression. Rather, she looks at you as if she cannot figure out why you would want to pet her. We think given time Stella will be a wonderful companion. She doesn’t ask for much. A warm bed, good food, stuffy toys to play with at night. A fenced in yard will be a must, both for keeping Stella from wandering and to provide a place to do leash training.

If you think you might have the love and time Stella needs to become the dog, we know she can be, please give us a call at the shelter. It would be wonderful to see her learn what a family is all about.




Yes, we have kittens. Kittens at the shelter ready to go home, almost ready to go home and many more in foster care scheduled to come back over the coming weeks. If you are looking for a kitten, please fill out an application available on our website at Once approved, you are welcome to come in and fall in love with your new kitty.

Our wish list this week includes Purina Kitten Chow, Paper Towels, Temptation Cat Treats, manila envelopes, bleach, and scrubby sponges. Thank you.