To my fellow Camdenites

Have you hit the curb yet? Yikes! I hit the curb! Crawling through Camden in slow moving traffic, I eased over to the right to scoot over to the mailbox beyond the P.O. and get out of the way for others behind me. Next thing I knew, Bam! I’m up on and then off that new curbing across from Zoots. Having been out of town for a few weeks and typically avoiding downtown in the summer, I had forgotten about it and being on the short side I could not see over my Rav4 fender to see the curb.

What were they thinking? I did wonder when they were installing it, as did some friends. This ill-conceived bump out in the curbing (why?) might at least have an apron in it for wheelchairs. Anxious to hear what our town plow guys think of it this winter. I don’t want one dollar of my taxes going towards a new plow.

Jan Kelsey